Muscle Babe Lita

Today’s action girls pics gallery ahs another girl that posed for us before. You guessed it , Lita is back and she’s back in force. Literally. Today she demonstrates how to fight while getting herself worked up and sweaty. This muscular babe sais she always gets what she wants even in bed, and its not hard to see why. It’s kind of impossible to deny this woman whatever she wants. So let’s see this amazing babe in action with her superb and sexy update shall we guys and gals?

Lest you want her to roughen you up. Well for today she’s here to show off her sexy side as she got herself dressed in a super sexy and all black leather outfit composed of a top and shorts. Enjoy her doing her tough gal routine today as you get to see that perfectly chiseled body of hers put to work for your enjoyment. We hope that you liked it and with that we take our leave guys. So make sure that you watch the whole gallery to see this cutie in action with her training regime for today okay? Also you can enter the blog and see another beautiful brunette getting wet and wild!

muscle_babe_gets_all_sweaty muscle_babe_gets_all_sweaty_and_sexy

Watch this muscle babe getting all sweaty and sexy!

Action Girls – maneater

In toady’s action girls gallery this slutty and sexy blonde sporting a military bra and panties, shows of how to properly wield a bowie knife. See her playing around with sharp blades, and as she eventually reveals her sexy curves, enjoy the luscious body of this true action girl that’s ready to spring into action. So let’s not waste anymore time, and just see how she likes to bring attention to herself today. So let’s get started and see her in action.

As you can probably guess, this hot and horny blonde has a thing for bladed objects and she makes no effort to hide it. She sais that they simply turn her on as she adores the gleam of light striking a perfectly sharpened blade any day. Watch her exposing her superb body to you today as she wears a sexy and skimpy outfit that’s meant to entice any guy that gets a look at her! Well anyway, just take the time to see this sweet and sexy blonde babe as she plays around outdoors with her big knife and her amazingly sexy and hot body. For similar content, check out the site and see another beauty posing sexy!martina_fox_as_a_maneater

Take a look as Martina Fox plays with some real sharp blades!

Saint Adams – ActionGirl

Today brings you one hot and sexy action lady to turn you on. Her name is Saint Adams and she’s a lady that into serious firearms. See this actiongirl take her gun  and play around with it, as she eventually pleases herself with it. Bullets taken out of course, we wouldn’t want this hot woman to get serious injuries. Enjoy seeing the nice and sexy babe practicing some midnight target practice and getting really horny and in the mood to play with herself too. This is one show that you cannot pass up seeing!


And as her scene starts off you get to watch this hot and horny babe as she starts of by taking her sexy outfit first of all. She wants you to get a good long look at her curves and see how serious she is. So just sit back, relax and watch this cutie as she exposes her nude body and see her play with herself just for your viewing pleasure everyone. See you next week and enjoy this brown headed babe’s little kinky scene as she plays with her body and rubs that pussy with the barrel of her long gun today. See you next time! Don’t forget to visit the site if you wanna see another busty model playing with her tits!

Enjoy as this sweaty model please herself with a real gun!

Tiffany Ryan playing with guns

This is Tiffany Ryan’s second time here at actiongirls and she seems to have taken a liking to showing off her sexy curves for you guys. This time you can find her playing around with her guns as she entices you with her big breasts covered by a black bikini top too small for them. Anyway, she’s back due to popular demand, so check her out and don’t miss a single one of her pics today. So let’s get this superb babe’s show started and see her as she gets to be wild and kinky this afternoon posing in her sexy outfit with her favorite gun.

This sexy lady is here to put on display her superb body and you must see all of them. She’s sporting a nice and sexy leather bikini top, and in addition to that she also wears a red pair of panties. Watch this sexy beauty as she shows off her super sexy curves on camera today and enjoy the hot show that she has prepared for you. We’re sure that you’ll see many more of her in the future, but for this week, take the time to enjoy seeing her in her current gallery. See you soon with more superb and sexy updates! Until then, check out the site and see other fetishist models getting wet!


Check out this playful beauty playing with big guns!

Kasia – Red Truck

Actiongirls has a special treat for you today. We bring you Kasia and her big red truck full of weapons and ammo. This sexy chick seems to be ready to open shop as soon as people are willing to buy. And in this gallery she seems to be putting on a nude campaign to sell her weapons to would be buyers. Enjoy watching this busty and kinky blonde with a love for sexy outfits, as she shows off how to work that heavy weaponry that she carries around with her today. It’s quite the sight to see as you can imagine!

We’d also like to remind you not to confuse this serious kick ass babe with another porn star with the same name, lest you’ll make this one angry. And you don’t want to piss off Kasia trust us. Either way, just sit back and watch her showing off her sexy and naughty leather outfit today and enjoy her parading her perfect tits today in front of the cameras. Have fun with it and let’s hope we’ll have here here once more in the future! Meanwhile, we will be seeing you around next week with more hot and sexy babes as usual!


Check out this actiongirl revealing her impressive curves!

ActionGirls – Leather Ninja

In today’s free actiongirls videos Nadine here takes the role of a ninja with a passion for leather. Turns out she’s against the fact that female ninjas(also known as kunoichis) are suppose to wear the same attires as males. So she made her very own sexy ninja leather outfit to show off to everyone. And we say it’s sexy as hell. And well, we’re willing to bet that this is one sexy ninja that you wouldn’t mind being caught by any day. anyway, let’s see this amazing and sexy brunette as she shows off her amazing body and outfit.

Worry not as you will get to see this beauty show off her moves in this big gallery of images today. You will get to see her in all kinds of naughty poses while she shows off her luscious curves to you. And as a nice distraction for her enemies, she has her perky breasts in plain sight as well. Either way you can expect to see a good show today and rest assured that we’ll have some more for you next week, with more superbly cute and sexy ladies sporting all kinds of sexy clothes and other apparel too. See you then!


Click here and see this actiongirl in sexy leather outfit!

Army Babe – Tindra

For this special action girls update, we have Tindra here, Now Tindra is a heavy weapons expert, and if you ever feel like knowing more about big guns, she’s the person to go to. For this gallery she demonstrates the proper use of a Bazooka and shows off her perfect naked breasts as a bonus. Until the next update, enjoy, but in the meantime let’s see this sexy babe have her fun today. So let’s just see the cute and sexy babe tindra, showing you how to work the big metal bazooka today as she prances around topless.

After she’s done displaying the weapon and what it can do, this superb blonde takes to taking off her tank top and showing off her perky breasts for the cameras and implicitly you today. So sit back and enjoy seeing her parade her luscious curves in front of your eyes with every picture this fine day. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be seeing you guys next week with some more fresh and hot content as usual. But in the meantime do take the time to enjoy this blonde cutie’s little scene with her really big and heavy gun today!


Click here and watch this British blonde playing with heavy guns!

Action Girls – Dressed to Kill

In today’s action girls update, we bring you Marie-Claude B. She’s a killer blonde with a killer body and she just gets your imagination going with her hot and sexy curves. You may know her from more of her previous works because she’s a professional cosplayer. Anyway today she’s dressed like a medieval spy and boy does that costume look gorgeous on her. So let’s see how she likes to entertain you with her simply amazing and sexy body for this superb and hot afternoon fresh scene!

Well we’re not really sure that’s a medieval agent outfit, so let’s just call it a secret agent getup. So as she steps out of her muscle car you can watch this superb babe as she looks incredibly sexy. It’s a sure turn on to see her wearing her sexy leather outfit and we’re sure that any guy can get caught by her once he remains stunned at the sexy woman showing off and flaunting her sexy body! And when you have a set of sexy curves like miss Marie here, you can rest assured that you will more than likely get all the attention you want!


Check out Marie-Claude B posing as a sexy secret agent!

Leather Babe

This Australian beauty is named Kobe Kaige. So brings you the hottest Aussie action girl that you can find in today’s update. Even though she’s a lady, don’t be fooled by appearances. This woman served in the military for quite a while before moving to the us and if you piss her off, you can be sure you’ll be in for some serious pain. Well one thing’s for sure, and that is that miss Kaige here sure shows how to put on a great and sexy show with just her superb and sexy body when she wants to.


 kobe-kaige-as-a-sexy-armybabe actiongirls-k-kaige

And miss Kaige is super serious about whatever she does. This fine afternoon you get to see this busty beauty as she shows off her big tits on camera after a sharp shooting session and she pulls no stops in revealing her super sexy womanly curves. Watch her play around with her tits for your viewing pleasure guys, and make sure to watch her every image this fine day today. Either way you are if for a superb scene like we said, so have fun with it, and do drop by again next time to see some more sexy and hot ladies!

Check out this kinky australian model posing in sexy leather boots!

ActionGirls – Sasha

For this actiongirls pics gallery update, we have Sasha posing nude in the pool as she relaxes after a long and hard day of training. This babe packs a sweet pair of huge boobs, as she always finds herself asking guys to look at her face when she’s talking to them, or else she’ll kick them in the nuts. Heh, well she is a action girl, and you know how serious they are. Anyway, sit back and enjoy this night time pool fun session with this superb and sexy blonde along with her juicy big tits, and watch her play all kinky and naughty for your enjoyment.

But even with all the seriousness, these super sexy women do like to have fun every now and then. And her nice and hot scene in the pool today is meant to tease you some more with her sexy and hot body. Watch her taking off her sexy bikini to give you some nice views of her hot naked body, and take some time to watch her play around with herself in the pool for this update! We will see you again next time with yet another fresh scene, so do stay tuned to catch it everyone. Until then, enter the panty pops site and see some beauties getting drenched in cum!


Watch this new action girl posing sexy in deferent exotic locations!

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