Actiongirls Krista

Actiongirls Krista Walker is on of our hottest girls. She’s from Czech Republic and that means she just love sex. All the girls from former communist countries have a constant need for sex. And Krista is just that, However, in these next action galleries she will be displaying her impressive body parts, posing naked outdoor, with nothing but a metal gun in hands. Don’t look into her eyes, she’ll hypnotize you with her beauty.

But to be honest, you have to watch her. There’s no way you can miss this sexy beauty showing off her luscious curves for you. She takes off her clothes fast and just has her fun posing around naked for all the cameras this fine day today. So watch her nude posing and come back next time for some more hot women everyone. Bye bye!

krista walker posing naked with a gun in hand

Click here and watch this european babe Krista posing naked outdoor!

Amanda as Western Babe

We here at are proud to bring you one sexy cowgirl in this week’s update. Her name is Amanda and six shooter revolvers are her game. This sexy babe is serious and if you aren’t to her liking she’ll make some brand new vent holes for your head with her trusty Colt. Bad assery and sexiness in one, what more can you desire.

amanda as a western girls

We say that the role of a sexy gun slinger fits her quite well, and we’re sure that you’ll agree with us on this one. This woman knows how to look cute and badass at the same time and she’s not afraid to do it. See her posing as a superbly sexy cowgirl today guys, and make sure that you don’t miss her other scenes as well. Enjoy it and see you next week as usual!

See this european model posing as a sexy western babe!

Amira Hazine in Back in Black

Amira Hazine is another fresh recruit here at action girls. And you know what that means right? she’ll have to go to boot camp. Well meanwhile, you can take a gander at her entry pictures and see her showing off her black sexy outfit for yourself if she’s action girls material or not. Well we say she is, but it remains to be seen if she passes boot camp or not.

Anyway, this hot gallery of hers is sure to entice you. As all of our other models, this woman is super sexy and she’s always ready to get down and dirty if the situation requires it. Watch her take off that sexy outfit for you today and see her big and round tits exposed for your viewing pleasure guys. We’re taking our leave once more so just enjoy the scene and stay tuned for some more fresh scenes!

amira hazine pozing in sexy black outfit

Check out incredible Amira Hazine in her sexy all black outfit!

Jenny Poussan playin with big guns

Jenny Poussan, or widely known as Jenny P. is back at action girls for another shoot. And as always, she’s here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and she’s all out of gum. Anyway we just love having Jenny for shoots here at because as you will see she can look sexy and badass at the same time. Enjoy!


Even though most people make fun of Canadians for being too soft, this sexy blonde is no pushover. And she’s got her big gun here today to prove it. After shooting some rounds she gets to what everyone wants to see. And namely what’s under that sexy and hot uniform of hers. We want to remind you to check out the previous updates as well everyone. We promise that you’ll like what is in store for you and you’ll crave more soon!

Check out this Canadian beauty playing with big heavy guns!

Action Girls – Lana

In this free action girls gallery we have rookie Lana. Though she doesn’t really look like one. Just look at that confidence and the way she’s holding those guns. I have a feeling that if you don’t do as she says she’s going to blow your brains out. Well one way or another. Anyway enjoy this update and this hot and sexy girl.


Lana also had some more things to add. Even though she’s a rookie she learns fast, and she’s super serious about anything she does. Today she wants to prove that even a cutie like her can get serious and you’ll be in trouble once she does so. So just enjoy her sexy and semi nude poses today guys. We’ll be back next week as usual with some more fresh and sexy content for you!

Check out this new recruit in sexy fishnet outfit!

Leather Babe

Action girls is proud to bring you this week’s badass babe. Watch this sexy brunette vixen pose for the camera and play around with some serious firepower. We don’t know what to say if you should consider yourself lucky meeting this girl on the street, or not, As you can see she means business! Enjoy everyone and let’s see what this busty babe has to offer to you guys today.

Her name is Maria and this lady always likes to get her prey no matter what. Sure enough all the guys she caught thus far weren’t disappointed when they saw this busty babe with her sexy outfit coming for them. Today miss Maria is here to expose her luscious curves and tempt you with her sexy body. And we’re sure that she’ll pretty much manage to do that as soon as you’ll get to see her!


See this actiongirl in sexy leather outfit playing with big guns!

ActionGirls – Ashley Robbins

Today actiongirls brings you the sexy shapes of Ashley Robbins. A busty girl that’s more than meets the eye. She’s a bounty hunter and you can see that she’s always equipped to catch guys with her trusty handcuffs. Why don’t you take a look at her gallery and see where she likes to hide most of her weapons. Hint: it’s her body. Enjoy!

And one can only think how she manages to keep such a big collection of knifes and other things concealed on herself. But to be fair, we think that any guy that gets caught by this beauty doesn’t mind it at all in the end. Well that’s if she needs to capture you alive. Because then until she hands you over you get to keep her company every second. And with a super sexy body like hers who wouldn’t want to do that!


Check out this incredible European model playing with sharp objects!

Dressed in Black

Today was another special day here at actiongirls headquarters. Today’s lady is a man eater, both literally and metaphorically (if you know what we mean). She’s always used to getting what she wants be it either by using her charming body shapes  or by force. And you can be sure that there’s no kidding around with this lady.

As her photo shoot starts off you can see that this sexy cutie is dressed in a body stoking that doesn’t leave too much for the imagination. And we think that’s a good thing, as it would be a shame to cover up that amazingly sexy body of hers under any circumstances. Sit back and watch her posing around as she teases you with her perfect tits and wet pussy today everyone. We’ll be seeing you guys next week again!


Check out this tall Czech model in sexy all black outfit!

Muscle Babe Lita

Today’s action girls pics gallery ahs another girl that posed for us before. You guessed it , Lita is back and she’s back in force. Literally. Today she demonstrates how to fight while getting herself worked up and sweaty. This muscular babe sais she always gets what she wants even in bed, and its not hard to see why. It’s kind of impossible to deny this woman whatever she wants.

Lest you want her to roughen you up. Well for today she’s here to show off her sexy side as she got herself dressed in a super sexy and all black leather outfit composed of a top and shorts. Enjoy her doing her tough gal routine today as you get to see that perfectly chiseled body of hers put to work for your enjoyment. We hope that you liked it and with that we take our leave guys!

muscle_babe_gets_all_sweaty muscle_babe_gets_all_sweaty_and_sexy

Watch this muscle babe getting all sweaty and sexy!

Action Girls – maneater

In toady’s action girls gallery this slutty and sexy blonde sporting a military bra and panties, shows of how to properly wield a bowie knife. See her playing around with sharp blades, and as she eventually reveals her sexy curves, enjoy the luscious body of this true action girl that’s ready to spring into action. So let’s not waste anymore time, and just see how she likes to bring attention to herself today.

As you can probably guess, this hot and horny blonde has a thing for bladed objects and she makes no effort to hide it. She sais that they simply turn her on as she adores the gleam of light striking a perfectly sharpened blade any day. Watch her exposing her superb body to you today as she wears a sexy and skimpy outfit that’s meant to entice any guy that gets a look at her!martina_fox_as_a_maneater

Take a look as Martina Fox plays with some real sharp blades!

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